About Us

As a teenager growing up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Ed Wenger was heavily involved in Revolutionary War re-enacting, and flintlock shooting and hunting. As a member of a recreated Rifle Company, Mr. Wenger was greatly impressed (and a little envious) of the guys who owned custom, hand crafted longrifles. Handling and shooting these well balanced, graceful, beautifully created rifles was indeed a pleasure, and a passion.

As they say, life happened, and I got away from re-enacting and didn’t shoot flintlocks nearly as much as I would have liked to for the next twenty five years of so. Several years ago, while reflecting on the recently completed deer hunting season, I had an epiphany of sorts. I was going to purchase a hand crafted longrifle and get back to my roots! Having graduated from college with a degree in Industrial Arts, and a strong lifelong background in wood and metal work, I decided instead to build a longrifle. Needless to say, I was hooked and what started as a strong interest has developed into a full fledged passion.

I still don’t shoot flintlocks as much as I’d like, and my hunting time has even been impacted a little, because every spare moment I get is devoted to my passion of creating longrifles and fowlers. I absolutely love it.

I believe strongly that to have a quality flintlock, you have to start with quality components. All the stock wood for my flintlocks are hand picked by me. Tapered and flared barrels from reputable, well established manufacturers are used to create well balanced, excellent handling flintlocks. Quality locks, the “heart and soul” of a flintlock, are used for reliability. Historically accurate furniture for the particular school of flintlock is utilized. Great care is taken in the research and planning of each flintlock to ensure that proper furniture and locks are incorporated to accurately depict the style of flintlock being built. All the wood carving and metal engraving is executed by me. White Lightning touch-hole liners are utilized in all my flintlocks to ensure fast, reliable ignition of the main charge. Hand finished to a warm appearance, slightly aged with a subtle patina, my flintlocks typically have the look of a well cared for antique.

Every VA Flintlock is a hand crafted work of art.

Custom Made Flintlock Longrifles, by Ed Wenger