Isaac Berlin style Longrifle

This longrifle is styled after the well know Moravian gun builder, Isaac Berlin. While not a bench copy, this rifle does incorporate many familiar designs and architecture found in his work. The rifle that inspired this gun is found in Rifles of Colonial America, Vol II, No. 83.

Stocked in nicely figured curly maple, and stained a pleasing golden brown, this long rifle has been hand rubbed with oil/varnish for a warm, well cared for appearance, that implies some age.

The barrel is a custom built Rayl, 45 5/8" long, in .54 caliber. It’s 1 5/64" at the breach, narrows to 13/16" at the waist, and flairs to 7/8" at the muzzle. The barrel has been draw filed, cold blued, and rubbed back to a gun metal grey.

The early English trade style lock provides crisp ignition, and closely resembles the lock used to replace the original depicted in RCA Vol. II. The lock has been polished, cold blued, and rubbed back to a gun metal grey. It also has simple engraving typical of the period.

The wood batch box is made in the style of the original rifle, with carving of my design. Raised wood and incised rococo design carving is present around the tang, entry thimble, wrist, and patch box of the rifle. In addition, raised carving is found behind the cheek piece of the rifle, closely resembling that found on the original.

The brass furniture utilized on the rifle is copied from the original, and has been given a patina that adds to the overall “well cared for antique” look.

This rifle has been SOLD.

Rifle Specifications

CaliberBarrel LengthLock TypeWeightLOPLength
.54 45 5/8" Allen 9 1/2 lbs. 13 1/4" 60 3/4"