Bucks County Rifle


sold-sign.gif - 1.01 KbThis rifle is based upon an existing original Longrifle attributed to an unknown builder.  The dimensions and stock architecture were copied from the original rifle, and the Butt Piece, Trigger Guard, and Side Plate were cast from the originals as well.  The rifle is stocked in a well figured piece of maple, and finished with a stain of Aquia Fortis.  The patch box, trigger plate, trigger, muzzle cap, sights, and ram rod pipes are all hand crafted.

Incised carving can be found around the rear ram rod pipe, around the tang, behind the cheek piece, and around the comb/wrist area of the rifle.  Molding lines have been cut along the fore end, and along the bottom of the butt stock.  The side opening brass patch box is engraved with a "wind mill" pattern found on the original piece, and typical of this particular school.  The carving patterns were taken from the original rifle, and closely followed, although they are not bench copies.  The rifle has been given a slight patina to both the metal, and wood components.

The barrel, made by Ed Rayl, is 42" long, .54 caliber, and all measurements were taken from the original rifle.  The vent hole has been coned on the inside.  The lock is a Davis Early Colonial lock, which is rather large for this school of rifle, but closely fits that of the original.  As with the brass pieces, the barrel and lock have a slight patina.  The patch box is copied from the original, and utilizes the toe plate as a tap to activate the push rod and catch to release the lid. 



Rifle Specifications

CaliberBarrel Length (in)Lock TypeWeightLOPLength
.54 42" Davis